City of Clarksville
Parking Commission
Obstruction Permit Information

1. Permit for Construction and Non-Construction -Related Activity
• Fees
 Application fee (Non-Refundable) - $30.00
 Each space - $10.00/per day per space , up to 4 spaces, additional spaces upon approval will be $20.00 per space per day
• The obstruction cannot be overnight (without prior approval)
• The parking space that is to be obstructed must be adjacent to (i.e. in front of) the property of the applicant.
• If the parking space that is to be obstructed is not adjacent to the property of the applicant, the adjacent property owner(s)/business owner(s) must be notified.
2. Information for both Construction- and Non-Construction-Related Activities
• The applicant may be required to mitigate hazardous conditions in a manner acceptable and prescribed by the City at applicant’s expense, holding the City harmless.
• The application to use spaces may be denied for any reason, including but not limited to the proposed use of spaces is a safety hazard, a nuisance, or is not otherwise in the public interest; and such safety hazards or nuisances are not mitigated to the satisfaction of the City.
• The City will retain the final authority to increase or decrease the number of spaces that can be used, and ensure that the use is in the public interest (at the applicants expense); with or without consent of any property owner or business owner.
• Proof of insurance will be required with the City listed as additionally insured.
• Handicap spaces cannot be obstructed.
• Permits may be denied or revoked, at the sole discretion of the City, if the terms of the permit are not met. A Parking Permit does not negate the requirement of other permits being necessary. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all appropriate permits have been obtained.
• The City at their sole discretion retains the right to deny or revoke any permit based on use or other requirements.
• Permit holders are required to return the parking space to its original condition when the use of the permit is completed at their expense.

Obstruction Permit Application
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